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Synergy Dispute Resolutions is a North Carolina company founded by a seasoned business litigator and mediator/arbitrator to assist attorneys and their clients in resolving conflicts in an experienced, efficient and effective manner.  Synergy Dispute Resolutions provides an open, impartial forum within which parties can examine their positions anew, work with a neutral mediator to generate creative options in a cooperative atmosphere and reach a mutually beneficial resolution. Synergy Dispute Resolutions offers these services through both in-person and on-line mediations.  In addition, where parties want a binding cost-effective alternative to litigation, Synergy Dispute Resolutions provides a neutral arbitrator who can render a decision on the merits of the case.

In contrast to formal litigation and direct negotiation, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) may lead to resolutions that produce more satisfying results for clients.  ADR allows parties more control by providing opportunities to tailor the procedure used to seek a resolution, broaden the interests taken into consideration, fashion a business-driven or other creative solution that may not be available in Court, preserve long-term relationships, protect confidentiality and eliminate the risks of litigation.

The mission of Synergy Dispute Resolutions is to provide the highest quality in alternative dispute resolution services.

» Mediation Case Assessment
» Convening and Contracting
» Session-by-Session Mediation
» Mediation of Discovery Disputes
» Coordination of the Use of Experts
» Mediation of Entire Dispute
» Binding Mediation
» Mediation-Arbitration
» Traditional Arbitration
» High-Low Arbitration
» Arbitration-Mediation
» On-Line Dispute Resolution (ODR)