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Arbitration Services

Arbitration (not available on-line)
Synergy Dispute Resolutions offers traditional arbitration services through the use of an impartial arbitrator who will make a decision based upon the evidence presented and the applicable law.

High-Low Arbitration (Also Known As Bracket Arbitration)
Synergy Dispute Resolutions offers a variation of traditional arbitration wherein the parties agree prior to the commencement of arbitration to a maximum and minimum award, typically plaintiff’s last settlement demand and defendant’s last offer (which is not disclosed to the arbitrator) and, assuming the arbitrator determines that the defendant is liable, the arbitrator renders an award.  Neither party will be liable for a figure outside the agreed-upon high-low (or “bracket”).

Synergy Dispute Resolutions offers a combination arbitration-mediation service, known as Arbitration-Mediation, through the use of a neutral who will first conduct an evidentiary arbitration hearing, however, the arbitration award will only be disclosed where a post-hearing mediated result is not achieved.